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We are pleased to introduce our collaborative community that consists of some of the most respected experts, pioneers and organizations in their field. Our goal is to provide you with resources that will enhance your evolution in today’s ever changing universe. We are at a critical point in our history and each and every co-creator has dedicated their life to honoring the future of humanity. We are joining together to bring forth a new worldview for peace and harmony on our planet.

leonardlaskowLeonard Laskow, M.D. 

Dr. Leonard Laskow is a physician trained at Stanford who has studied and researched the healing power of love for the past 33 years. Dr. Laskow is a consultant in Behavioral and Energy medicine in Ashland, Oregon and gives seminars at universities, medical centers, and holistic institutes internationally. The principles of Holoenergetic Healing are presented in Dr. Laskow’s breakthrough book, Healing with Love. This book uses ancient and cutting-edge healing techniques, self awareness, energy work, and practical exercises to help one directly experience love as a healing force. laskow.net

richardflyerRichard Flyer 

Changing the world is simple when you start with yourself - and start where you live. This site is a platform for developing Conscious Community and an organizing tool for a grassroots strategy to build a face-to-face, real-world community based on universal spiritual principles and virtues. itstimereno.org/neighbor.asp 

Richard Flyer is the facilitator of the Conscious Community Network (CCN). CCN has a five year track record building a successful model that integrates spiritual awakening with sustainable community development at the local community level.  We are encouraging the development of strong, community "localization" movements that have a universal spiritual foundation. We have found that focusing on the shared "heart language" of the common virtues of Love, Integrity, Courage, Service, and Respect (and 25 other sub-virtues) has allowed our movement to grow and transcend political and religious differences in our community. Contact Richard Flyer at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or (775) 851-2993. startwhereyoulive.com

darrylgurneyDarryl Gurney 

Darryl Gurney of HealthQuest is a Certified Advanced PSYCH-K Instructor, and a Certified Holoenergetic Mind/Body Therapist. Whether you are looking to improve your financial success, your relationships, your health or the peace in your life, PSYCH-K can assist you in realizing your dreams. health-quest.ca

Steve BhaermanSteve Bhaerman 

Steve Bhaerman is an internationally known author, humorist, and workshop leader. For the past 23 years he has written and performed as Swami Beyondananda, the “Cosmic Comic”. A pioneer in alternative education and holistic publications, Steve is active in trans-partisan politics and the practical application of Spontaneous Evolution. His latest book (co-authored with Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.) Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future (and a Way to Get There from Here), is an insightful, playful and an eye-opening view of humanity’s future based on science and ancient wisdom.

More about Steve, his performances and publications can be found at


Dr. Jayanath AbeywickramaDr. Jayanath Abeywickrama

Dr. Jayanath Abeywickrama born in 1971, belongs to the lineage of 31 generations of unbroken traditional Ayurveda, since Rishi Pulasti 2668-2616 B.C. He is the main Ayurvedic physician of Rankema Ayurveda Centre, home for traditional Ayurveda of Sri Lanka, who was trained under the ancient Gurukula (teacher-disciple) tradition of Ayurveda, inherent to his land. He possesses a wealth of very rare, valuable and a profound knowledge of traditional Sri Lankan indigenous medicine, which is of international importance in today’s context. Dr. Jayanath Abeywickrama is a renowned Ayurvedic medical practitioner and healer, with a unique talent and a brilliant career who has earned a name in his motherland a aboard. rankema-ayurveda.com


Institute of HeartMathInstitute of Heartmath 

Join a worldwide community that inspires people to connect with the guidance and intelligence of their hearts to achieve personal and global coherence. Click here to be a part of the HeartMath mission. heartmath.org


Institute of HeartMathRobert Ayres

Join Robert Ayres is an astrologer with 45 years of experience. His extensive client base is international in its composition. Every month he is interviewed on several national radio shows on his views on current events. He brings over 20 years of international finance experience to his work. A teacher and practitioner of meditation for 45 years deepens his understanding of life and humility. His approach to astrology is deeply spiritual with a focus on facilitating growth and self-transformation in his clients. He regularly writes articles for various publications on astrology. astrologicalalchemy.com 


globalci_iconGlobal Coherence Initiative 

The Global Coherence initiative is a science-based initiative to unite million of people in hear-focus care and intention – to shift global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and enduring peace. glcoherence.org



Celtic Mystical JourneysCeltic Mystical Journeys

Celtic Mystical Journeys was founded to blend the spiritual and physical needs of seekers and pilgrims like you. Experience first hand the beauty and mysticism of ancient wisdom as you explore the vibrational matrix of sacred power sites. Experience the perfect blend of the magical, the mystical, the familiar, and the uncommon.

We offer sacred sites tours, spiritual tours and sacred journeys to the power centers around the world.  Check out our 2011 tours to England, Ireland (Eire), Scotland, Turkey, France and Peru.

US phone 1-877-756-8763, celticmysticaljourneys.com