Our Services

Our goal is to provide individuals and businesses with tools to expand consciousness, gain wisdom, remove barriers and create a spiritual platform to achieve fulfillment, to love and live healthier, and to work and play harmoniously.

Conscious Business. Peter Tongue and Shari Chase use their expertise to show businesses and organizations how to create a foundation to integrate higher consciousness and spirituality in the workplace. Raising the vibration of the entire company will create wholeness and connectedness, increasing productivity and profitability in a healthy and vital way.

Teleseminars and Seminars. Teleseminars and seminars explain the bigger picture and assist people to enjoy a successful, happy and fulfilling future. As you awaken to your own true path, you will gain knowledge and awareness of how to achieve joy and fulfillment in your life and enjoy love and abundance in your personal and business environment.  These seminars may be held online, by phone or in person.

Group Workshops.These workshops are free flowing sessions addressing challenges, answering questions, offering insights and updates into the latest developments in the world. They also provide an opportunity for resolution pathways to all life situations.

Private, One-on-one Counseling Sessions. We use our experience and wisdom, allied with a path of expanded awareness to provide solutions to personal and organizational challenges faced by management, leadership teams, employees and clientele.

Private, One-on-one Healing Sessions. Profound and well established processes are used to find and unfold the fundamental sources of distress and illness, leading to a harmonious and healthy life.

Retreats. These compelling events are designed to give individuals an experience that will remove barriers to personal and company success by shifting the awareness to one of greater purpose and clarity ultimately serving the greater good of all.

Sacred Journeys. Guided tours to sacred sites throughout the world bring insights and opportunities for spiritual growth and awakening to your true self.

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