Awaken To Your True Purpose

7-Weeks to Attract Miracles and 

Magic Into Your Life

Recorded Live  June 9 - July 21, 2010

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Have you ever wondered why you are here on Earth now?
Have you pondered your true purpose for being here?

"Gain a profound understanding of the human condition and make a difference in the World in ways most  people don’t even know exist!"

Although it appears that the planet is going through a confusing and chaotic time, there is a reason for all of the turmoil. Humanity has a wonderful opportunity to purge itself of all of the self-centered, ego-based selfishness and transform into a loving, balanced, conscious world community. This is our task! In this program, you will be guided through the steps required to transform your life. The intention is to take you from wherever you are in your life now, to become a fully realized conscious human being.

We will help you to release any limiting beliefs, health issues, stress and fear so that you can move into a state of health, confidence, abundance and flow. Once this is achieved your focus will be on your relationships with others so that you can live a life of peace, joy and fulfillment. You will start living your life passion, fully aware of your reasons for decisions made. You will have purpose and direction living a life of balance and harmony.

You will learn how to co-create with higher consciousness and manifest miracles in your life. The series will bring together a group of aligned, heart-centered people who will become a community of individuals ready to make a difference in their own communities as well as in the world. This is an unprecedented opportunity for you to fulfill your wildest dreams whilst simultaneously serving humanity.


A Community of Heart Centered Beings

At My Heart Centered Journey, we are committed to bringing you the courses, retreats and sacred journeys combined with practical tools, coaching and support to enable you to reach your highest potential in your personal and business life.

Today, successful individuals and companies are shifting their vision bringing a “heart-centered” approach to their lives and to their business. The days of greed and materialism are over. We are in a new evolution – one that embraces integrity and trust, and raises the vibrations of all humanity. This new dimension of higher consciousness in our world is not only required but absolutely necessary for our future survival. Each of us has a responsibility to participate and it is with great honor that we are able to present to you some of the most significant ways in which you can uncover your own true higher purpose that will in fact, benefit the entire world!

Over the past 30 years,
Peter Tongue has fined tuned the core practices and approaches that everyone needs, to make the leap to being an awakened Ambassador of Light.  

For over 24 years,
Shari Chase manifested the success of her company bringing a community perspective that enabled her business to succeed even in the most chaotic of times.  

And now, for the second time, we’re bringing all of this wisdom and truth together in a single teleseminar!


You are Invited to Join Us

Our planet is shifting in frequency and vibration as we approach the end of a series of cycles, cycles within cycles. In fact a World Age of 26,000 years. These end times always bring with them challenges, disruption and chaos as we are experiencing in the world today. These challenges provide us with a HUGE OPPORTUNITY. The situation is created for us to go deep within and let go of all beliefs, behaviors and conditioned programs that do not serve our highest purpose.

Once cleared, we can then open ourselves up to a higher level of being. The opportunity is to reconnect to spirit and an expanded consciousness. Once this process is begun we see everything from a different perspective. We walk the earth with our senses wide open, seeing the interconnection between all life forms. No longer can we cause any harm to any living being or creature because we know that we are all an integral part of all that is.

We want to provide you with the understanding, knowledge and tools to take full authority in your own life and become a fully empowered loving human being, here to fulfill your destiny and make a difference in the world. If you feel your heart is yearning for this opportunity – PLEASE JOIN US!




It is essential for us to take full responsibility for everything that takes place in our lives if we are to become fully realized heart-centered human beings

• Discover what it is that prevents you from realizing your full potential

• Using proven healing techniques, you will release limiting beliefs and become free to live a fulfilled life

• Learn how to live consciously and how to respond rather than react to challenging situations

• Experience the joy and bliss of living fully aware in the present moment


Every situation we encounter with others is a mirror of our inner world and clearly demonstrates to us what we need to pay attention to and work on to become really happy

• Recognize the type of interactions you have with people and the dramas that you tend to engage in

• Realize the levels of stress caused by some of these interactions and how you need to change your approach to live serenely                                                                                                                       

• Move into a place of peace and harmony with all of your relationships including partners, family, friends and colleagues

• Attract people into your life who will support your new  journey and bring you joy and happiness

• Learn about the role children are playing in our unfolding Divine plan


We live such busy, full and stressful lives that it is a great challenge to find the time to be still and quiet-the very thing that we need to do to be truly at peace

• Learn the art of going into the stillness and silence through simple meditation techniques

• Uncover the daily distractions in your life that prevent you from reaching this stillness

• Understand the role of the ego and its subtle desires which hold you back from true happiness

• Your soul’s yearning to reconnect with SPIRIT will be fulfilled!


Our education provided us with a very limited view of the truth and only now are we beginning to realize that there is a powerful link between science and spirituality which empowers us on our quest

Explore how the merging of the new science and spirituality assists you on your awakening journey

• Gain an understanding of quantum physics and the new biology and how this knowing can be applied in your daily life

• Manifest and attract all you desire in your life using these new found tools

• Gain an understanding of how the ancient art of alchemy will help you to transform your inner and outer world


Remarkably, the information we need to navigate these turbulent times has always been there, hidden in codes and symbols, and now the insights are being made available to us

• Find out what ancient civilizations knew about this time in history

• Appreciate the connections that the ancients made with spirit through the creation of sacred sites, stone circles, pyramids and gothic cathedrals

• Interpret and work with signs and symbols of nature

• Understand the significance of sacred ceremony and why it is so important to different cultures

• Make your own personal connection to the Mystery


Our current western world approach is not sustainable and we need to apply all that we have learned to our communities so that we can work together in peace and collaboration

• Apply your inner transformation out into your broader community and work place

• Experience the heart-centered approach in all of your life situations

• Bring health and wealth to yourself and others

• Consciously co-create a thriving, happy, sustainable community of human beings

Session Seven: HEAVEN ON EARTH

As you raise your vibration and consciousness, you will have an impact on a planetary scale. Coming together as one with others on the same path will amplify this affect many fold and bring PEACE to EARTH  

• Experience how conscious members of humanity come together in coherence and alignment to the higher frequencies of our Divine nature

• Understand how this alignment can be scientifically measured and CHANGE what takes place on the planet

• Engage in a Global Coherence meditation to demonstrate how this can be achieved

• Have a full awareness of who you really are and your connection to Great Spirit!


You will make a difference in the world!


Register Today for the
3-Payment Plan of $111*
Register Today for the
1-Payment Plan of $333
We respect your privacy and will never share or sell your private data.
If you prefer to register by phone, please call us at 775 588 7390, and we’ll be glad to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a teleseminar or teleclass?
Teleseminars and teleclasses are live courses offered via the telephone and online. Participants from all over the world gather together at a set time in a conference call to interact live with My Heart-Centered Journey, Co-Founder, Peter Tongue. As with any other seminars, there are lectures, discussions, and live interactions between the instructor, coach and participants.

What if I miss a class or am unable to attend live?All the teleseminar recordings are available by phone, through online playback or by download to your audio player. Should you elect to listen to the recorded calls, your experience will be equally as powerful, just as if you had attended the live calls. Email your questions for Peter to answer on the live calls – you’ll feel very much a part of our community and enjoy the journey with other participants.

Do I need any special equipment?
The only equipment you’ll need is either a telephone or a computer with an internet connection. If you choose to participate by phone, depending on your telephone service, you may also incur some long-distance charges for the calls themselves.

Meet Peter Tongue and Shari Chase

PeterTongueAwakeningPeter Tongue, Spiritual Leader
Peter Tongue has gone through his own transformation from Chemistry teacher, International rugby player and high school Principal to become a compassionate, caring spiritual counselor and mentor. Having spent thirty years in two top ranking Independent schools in Canada and the UK, Peter used his wealth of experiences, working with thousands of individuals, children and families, to gain a profound understanding of the complexities of the human condition.

For the last five years, Peter has been engaged in counseling individuals and groups in resolving their difficulties in life as well as assisting them in awakening to their own spiritual path.   Peter has enjoyed much success bringing his message of peace and prosperity to the world through one on one private sessions, small group seminars and large group presentations. His heart-centered understanding of science and spirituality bring a vital and powerful pathway to successful living in this chaotic and confusing time.

Peter hosts a weekly radio show, “Awakening to Conscious Co-Creation”, on the 7th Wave Network of Voice America with over 100,000 listeners each month. He interviews experts in their respective fields within the central theme of understanding higher consciousness.

He is the Co Founder of “My Heart Centered Journey” providing the opportunity for individuals and businesses to develop to their highest potential. He is a seeker of the truth and is passionate about ancient mysteries, sacred sites, new science and making a difference in the world. He is a master teacher who uses his wisdom and understanding of alchemy and meditation, to help people heal and become aware of higher levels of consciousness to assist them on their life path.

Heartfelt comments about Peter:
To experience a session with Peter is like voyaging on the celestial express, traveling at the speed of light right into the depths of wisdom, truth and peace. Marvelous!               
Michelle Plevel, Reno, NV

Being part of a Heart-Centered company provided me the opening to explore who I really am. Thank you for being such a master at putting me on the fast track to my spirituality. Peter’s wisdom has opened the door to my personal well-being and my business success.
Mike Robinson, Reno, NV

ShariChaseAwakeningShari Chase
Shari Chase is the Founder and CEO of Chase International, a globally recognized real estate firm. She is the Co-Founder of “My Heart Centered Journey”, a spiritual platform for personal and business awareness expansion. Shari is an expert in her field with a gift and passion for visioning and inspiring people to achieve life-changing results. She supports a Global Community, serving thousands of human beings worldwide. Her work experience emphasizes the relationship between personal and social change by creating a networking environment in which all people thrive. Shari is currently expanding her dream of bringing business and spirituality together.  Shari has been awarded “The Life Time Achievement Award” by Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate, named “One of the 35 most influential people in luxury Real Estate” by Unique Homes, and is featured in many of the world’s leading real estate conferences, expanding the consciousness of those in the business world.

How people feel about Shari:
I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you and Chase International for taking care of all my real estate needs with true professionalism, impeccable service and unparalleled integrity.
Jack Dreyfus

There is no one that is more delightful to work with than Shari Chase. She is a visionary with the highest standards and her company the most reputable and highly regarded. When it comes to understanding people’s needs and desires, no one does it better.
Jennifer Patterson

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 Awaken To Your True Purpose

7-Week Teleseminar

Recorded Live  June 9th - July 21st, 2010 


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Register Today for the
3-Payment Plan of $111*
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1-Payment Plan of $333
We respect your privacy and will never share or sell your private data.
If you prefer to register by phone, please call us at 775 588 7390, and we’ll be glad to assist you.

Terms and Conditions

*Refund and Cancellation Policy
Any time prior to the start of the Teleseminar we will accept cancellations and refund you the cost of the course minus a $25 processing fee or transfer the full registration fee to a future course. Cancellations must be made in writing by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We will issue the refund in the same form of payment in which it was made and it may take up to three weeks to process.
No refunds will be made after the start of the course. However, if within the first two weeks of the course, life conditions on your part require a change in your participation, we will be happy to transfer the balance of the registration fee to a future course.